Bottom rolling or top-mounted, sound insulating, folding partitions designed for assembly halls, restaurants, schools, offices etc. The bottom rolling folding partitions run on central or eccentric mountings in floor rails; top mounted doors hang centrally from ceiling rails, without floor guides.

The partitions can be supplied to fold towards one or both sides. In the extended position, the folding partitions present a flush surface.

Materials – Construction
The folding partitions consist of sections, which are flexibly linked with hinges and locking bolts. The sections have frames made of aluminium profile, clad with surface treated facing panels with interior insulation in between. The aluminium profiles cover the edges of the facing panels. The last panel is produced as an access door. Sealing strips are provided between the partitions and against the floor and the ceiling rails.
The connection to the existing wall is by means of an adjustable profile in white painted aluminium.

The bottom rolling folding partitions run on rails on the floor supported by axially and radially mounted ball bearing castors, fitted to every second section, and are also guided by ceiling rails. The floor rail is in aluminium and is fitted directly to the flat floor. It is 93mm wide and only projects 5mm above the floor covering. The ceiling rail is in aluminium and can be adjusted vertically by 35mm.

The fittings consist of a concealed spagnolette bolt on every second section, which locks into the floor rail or onto the ceiling rail for top mounted partitions. The last panel, which is produced as an access door, is provided with a pulling handle and ball-bearing castors.

Sizes, weights
Thickness: 80mm
Minimum section width: 400mm
Maximum section width: 1000mm
Weight: 26-42 kg/m², incl. tracks and mounting kit; for types 80-41, 80-44, 80-47, 80-49, 80-50 and 80-52 respectively.

Surface finish
WINAB 2000 is supplied in finishes according to the wishes, e.g. factory painted, with plastic laminate or wood veneers etc.

Acoustic characteristics
The airborne noise insulation Rw according to SP certificate is as follows:
Type 80-41/41dB, 80-44/44dB, 80-47/47dB 80-49/49dB, 80-50/50dB and 80-52/52dB. To insure good acoustic characteristics it is important to follow specified instructions.

Advice and design for partitions
WINAB folding partitions are manufactured entirely according to the client’s requirements with regard to sizes, number of sections and surface finish. The company also manufactures partitions for special solutions.
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